On 18.01.2019 the LBA (Luftfahrt-Bundesamt – German Federal Aviation Authority) has announced it will forbid the previous practice by which a regulated agent, under certain conditions, could employ a special inspection procedure (according to Paragraph of the DVO (EU) 2015/1998), using explosives detectors (so-called ETD devices) on just the exterior surfaces of a shipment. The LBA has come to the conclusion that this procedure does not fulfil the legal requirements for special inspection procedures. Effective from 30.06.2019 the procedure will be abolished for this type of shipment. The procedure had been an exception amongst freight inspections until now.

What are the consequences? Affected shipments (such as chemicals in barrels, or large bags, containers etc.) where x-ray inspections cannot produce a definitive result, will no longer be declared as safe, and therefore cannot be transported from Germany by aircraft.

What options do I have as a company with affected freight? An altered logistics process: • Switch to sea-freight • Switch routes: via a country where a similar procedure is still allowed.

The simplest solution: Retain the current logistics process by applying for approval for a known shipper. Companies classified as “known senders” by the LBA can continue to send their goods by air without additional inspections. All that is required is the maintenance of a secure supply chain. In order to apply for classification as a “known sender”, you should allow around three months for the application to be processed.